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Every week, i'm creating short films and portraits of people and life moments in London next subject could be you!

The streets are full of actors, performers, comedians, entertainers, impersonators, mimics and theatrics and at the other end of the scales, London highlights real suffering, poverty and mental health issues are all my muses, it's my job to film and

paint you all... in acts of life, survival, work and play

painting man and dog.jpg

Have we actually met before?

Well... if you've walked anywhere on the streets of London in the past three years, you may just have been fated to become the subject of my very latest film, sketch or painting... you'll 

really have to explore this website , Facebook or YouTube ... 


Londoners Give Performance of their Lives

Every week, i'm creating short films and portraits of people and life moments in London.  The projects main focus is upon 

capturing London citizens on film and canvas as they stage the flesh & bone street-theatre performances of their lives.  This is not scripted drama, its real-life street-soap opera, featuring

real people and real emotional life moments. 

Capturing  One Perfect Frame of Life

When I look through my camera lens, my focus is to find one perfect frame of life,  just one singular picture that conveys the raw and naked emotion of the human story.  Once I find that frame, that precious life moment, it's immortalized forever in a synthesis of film, music, paint, charcoal, pastel and canvas.

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Making a guest appearance in my life (aka 'The Trueman Show')

...are we all part of the same shared experience & moment!


Street Muses - I just love plucking a person from the crowd

In a lifetime millions of people will pass almost unnoticed right before your very eyes.  Walk through a crowded Oxford Street and you'll feel the energy a thousand self-absorbed souls,

I just pluck a random person from obscurity and make their obligatory moment the centre-point for both a film and portrait as an artist, that's a challenge I really enjoy!

Who are all these people in the background of my picture? 

Over three-years of walking and filming city street scenes, it

also began to dawn on me that London was not too dissimilar to

a glitzy Hollywood Film Set, a 'West-End Theatre Production'

or perhaps even a vast 'Television Studio Soap-opera'.

And... the millions of London citizens and visitors, seemingly

all form a part of a theatrical backdrop for all those trillions of personal smartphone films, still photographs and video captures.

They are yours and mine, our very own legion of film extras,

a multinational supporting cast of business people, white collar workers, day trippers, tourists, fashionistas and ephemeral

street characters... the list is endless. 

My art is all about capturing a single frame of life - the picture that is worth a thousand words

...a singular moment that forms part of our human story!


Painting and drawing one frame of life

My portraits are not just about capturing a likeness, for me it's  more about capturing life moments in a singular frame of life.

The real-life moments I encounter will not be found on NETFLIX, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale or Made in Essex.  Capturing London takes ordinary people and makes them stars of the show, all scenes are generally spontaneous, unscripted, unrehearsed, but very real.  They are my street-muses and if I see an interesting or unconventional human upon London's streets... i'm more than happy to sketch or paint their picture.


A picture is worth a thousand words

My films are shot at 24 frames per second, but it only takes a single picture frame of life to create a dramatic portrait picture 

This is how I create my paintings and drawings by finding a single frame that is worth a thousand words and best summarizes the emotion of the moment. 

Creating art with this kind of prospective makes the human portrait-story so much more interesting.

Deep down we are all people watchers, we all find other peoples shit fascinating

...the London saga is like a tragic Shakespearean play

wrong arm of law..jpg

Londoners Give Performance of their Lives

My three iconic creative heroes are William Shakespeare, William Hogarth and Charles Dickens. They were each at base level, ardent people watchers, intense observers of life. 

Observing people is how they each created their outstanding

plays, paintings and literary works of art.  Even today, we all find other peoples lives immensely fascinating, a walk anywhere in London is like a visit to the cinema, the city offers a constant daily schedule of intense theatrical human drama. 

My great London art adventure

Just like the oddment shapes of a jigsaw, my films and portraits attempt to piece together the enigmatic puzzle of the human story and it's constantly unfolding right before our very eyes. 

I believe we all have a seat at the table of life and on any given day of the week, we all have such a compelling story to tell. 

"All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts"

William Shakespeare

Screenshot (158).jpg

Photographing and creating art portraits from one frame of life, they are all precious  moments.

I love being amongst people with my camera, I can sense the energy, almost anticipate the frequency of thoughts, feelings and emotions. I find beauty in people that some would never give a second glance towards and enjoy witnessing the most simplistic of human expressions. It is all life, we are truly all in this together.

We are like a tragic Shakespearean play, our lives forever composed of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  SeanO

I try to create street films and art that is beguiling, engaging and sometimes tragic

...I don't think anything like this has been done before.

...I'm empathetically driven to paint, film

and vlog my way round London!

CL VLOG1 Thumbnail..jpg

It's beguiling, engaging and sometimes tragic... I don't think anything like this has ever been done before! 

SeanO is an Artist, filmmaker and street photographer and Capturing London is his Blog tour of London City life.
Every week, he is attempting to create a series of short films and portraits of people and life experiences in London.

Join my regular Capturing London vlog

Having started this project in 2017, I have amassed over three years of captured film footage, revealing Londoner's in random acts of work, life and play.  Tens of thousands of Londoner's have been captured by my precious set of camera lenses and many of those people have been later immortalized into paintings, sketches and street photography videos.

Watch and stay tuned as my next photographic muse could be you or at the very least, perhaps someone you know!

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