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The Cock of the South

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Ireland Yard, Off Ludgate Hill

Cock of London_edited.jpg

When I took George's picture, I caught him just as he clocked me taking his shot.  He looked me full in the camera lens with a look as though to say "What's your fucking game" LOL

George is sat indignantly on a barstool outside the 'Cockpit' public house, just off-Ludgate Hill, close to St Paul's Cathedral.   It's a cheeky picture in everyway because even before I had captured the shot, I was purposely trying to eliminate the background words 'PIT'... so it just reads 'COCK'.

My interpretation: George is waiting not too patiently for the doors of his favourite boozer to open.  Everything sort of fits in, as I took the picture at 10.45 am and the Doors of the Cockpit officially open at 11am.

I love the overall composition, I took this picture in 2020 not long after the first Coronavirus lockdown was lifted.  George's face, his mod jacket, gold sovereign ring, fag in hand and that battered old Corona beer bucket make fabulous costume and props. 


Lastly, the beer bucket serves as an old fashioned reminder of a spittoon and new age reminder of life and times of social distancing in an age of Corona.

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