This is my 'Street Photography section where I am regularly updating my handpicked favourites.  All street photographs are exhibited in the four tone-formats of colour, black & white, sepia and grunge.  I choose whatever I think suits the both the emotion and mood of the moment.


deckchair snog

Leicester Square | August 2020

red car.jpg

fast cars & painted finger nails

Soho | September 2020

another day... another grey hair.jpg

another day... another grey hair

St Martin's Lane | September 2020

sensing something bad is about to happen

is that a big wave coming

Southwark | August2020

one foot in the grave.jpg

one foot in the grave

Trafalgar Square | September 2020

caffeine and nicotine.jpg

caffeine and nicotine

Drury Lane | September 2020



Leicester Square | October 2020


taking the 'R'-rate out of p-oduction

West End, Drury Lane | September 2020