I'm Only Human

Capturing One Perfect Frame of Life

‘Only Human’ is a visual arts focus of our mortal flesh and bone and the synchronicity with our emotional thoughts and perhaps, even the ethereal connect with the enduring soul.   When I look through my camera lens, my focus is to find one perfect frame of life,  just one singular picture that conveys the raw and naked emotion of the human story.  Once I find that frame, that precious life moment, it's immortalized forever in a synthesis of film, music, paint, charcoal, pastel and wooden-board.


Life is composed of moments and emotions

The entirety of our lives consists of a series of moments and in any one of those moments, we can consciously or subconsciously experience as many as 27 distinct types of complex emotions.

So it's only natural, that with each film I produce and every picture I paint, I almost become a part that person, their lives, their drama and their emotion states.  In the year I have worked upon this project,       I have come to love each and everyone of my muses, above all else, they have taught me to realize...
                                                 ...we are all, only human.

The Peoples Art

This is the Peoples ART & YOU are my Muses

Nine Portraits: Nine Films: Nine Life Moments.

One of my art heroes is Caravaggio, who perfected the dramatic painting technique of darkness an light.   My art has a similar strand, all except i am focused upon capturing the darkness and light of our emotions.   And just like Caravaggio, my muses are from the streets, ordinary people, leading ordinary lives, all existing to breath, live and survive.  Everyday they are experiencing the roller-coaster ride of our lives, traversing through our own deep reservoir of raw human thoughts, feelings and emotions. 


Just like a Tragic Shakespearean Play

None of us are exempt, we each recurrently experience life's moments of regret, anxiety, pain, anger, suffering, fatigue, solitude, loneliness, empathy, surprise, entrancement, joy, love and desire.  And just like a tragic Shakespearean play, our lives are forever composed of each of these life changing moments.

Real Life Soap Opera

Captive to our thoughts and emotions
It’s not what we say, it’s often what we don’t say that is having the biggest impact upon our lives.  It’s also said that when we are alone with our thoughts, we are at our most vulnerable.  No matter what your social standing, breeding or lineage, we are all captives to our relationships, our jobs, our business, our peers, our politics, our religion, even our aspirations, hopes and dreams.  It can also be said, that we are even considered captives of our very own bodies and personalities.

​YOU... are my Street Muses

YOU are my street muses, filmed live in captivity upon the noisy,

bustling, over-crowded streets of perhaps the greatest metropolis

in the world.  The city of London is an eclectic mix of old Dickensian and Victorian streets, now all but submerged by the elegance and

ugliness of tall steel, glass-fronted 21st century architecture.

‘Only Human’ to the observer, is real life soap opera,

but with a twist, it's what I like to call an omnipresent

street theater for earthly flesh and bone.  But it's really a massive

open air stage for emotional citizens, to offer the most

surreal and inspiring performances of their lives.

​​       "London is the great theater of the world"

         Charles Dickens

Life in Slow-Motion

Magnifying our Every ​Thought and Emotion

As a filmmaker, I truly appreciate the immense power of slow-motion photography.  It magnifies and vocalises our every action, thought and emotion.  We humans can experience up to 27 separate emotions and I have interpreted one person experiencing as many as 8 different emotions in one filming session.  I watched frame-by-frame, second-by-second, minute-by-minute and this person feelings quite literally travelled from calmness to anxiety, confusion to sadness and horror to pain.   It was

quite mind blowing to witness

Life in Slow-motion

YOU are m

Supporting Cast

YOU are m

YOU are my street muses,

is also harmonized with classical or instrumental music and adds to the pull of the emotional scenes.


relives the entirety of

London Supporting Cast

Filming and painting one single frame of emotion from the story of our lives
In the television and feature film industry they produce drama in scripted scenes sually shot at 25 to 60 frames per second. 


When I look through my camera lens, I’m looking to find and paint one perfect frame of life, a singular picture that helps to embellish and convey the raw emotion from that precise moment.

Filming and painting one single frame

of emotion from the story of our lives

"All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players." William Shakespeare


I'm proposing an art exhibition that attempts to capture the human emotion condition, illuminating our strengths and frailties, our happiness and sadness, even our abundance and comparitive emptiness.  London is the uncontrolled stage, where we each offer the uninhibited performance of our lives.

An average 2 hour feature film contains over 158,400 frames of live action, if y

Magnifying our Every ​Thought and Emotion

Every theater, film and television production ever made,

has to have its supporting cast or walk-on extras. 

And every life lived, literally meets crosses the hundreds of thousands of millions of people of people and many millions more almost pass unnoticed right in front of our eyes.  Each film I have produced incorporates a transient cast ofthousands.


Each film I produce is supported by business people, white collar workers, day trippers and tourists, a multinational cast of walk-ins, bit-players and ephemeral characters.