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The Shad Thames Chef

chef new 1_edited.jpg

Tower Bridge, Bermondsey

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 13.24_edited.jpg

I captured Ernesto taking a brief break, whilst he toiled as a chef in the busy restaurant kitchens of Shad Thames.  Tired and possibly working up to 16 hours a day, he's on a mid-day break from the frenetic, hot steamy kitchens.  He slowly walks towards a dark doorway, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black zipped wallet.  From inside the wallet, he reveals hit treat and unfolds a crisp white rizzler paper, soon to be layered with tobacco.  Gently rolling his fag, a quick edged lick and his delight is ready for consumption.  He lights and inhales deeply and almost similtaneously he cranes his neck and looks up towards the heavens.  He gazes intently at the gently rolling clouds, but Lord only knows what is going through his mind.

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