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Who are they all?

Who are all these people... all I can I tell you is every portrait is a real person, a single frame of precious life captured on the streets of London.  As an artist I'm continually fascinated by the human psyche, especially how we navigate through life in pursuance of our conscious and subconscious wants, needs and desires.  Like a tragic Shakespearean play, the brutal beauty of our existence rebounds continually  between the two extremes of agony and ecstacy... each life forever composed of our every day thoughts, feelings and emotions.   

I name all my portrait muses

I christen all portrait muses with a spiritual London name, as it helps me more empathetically engage with the person and portrait.   Each human  portrait I produce becomes an absorbing and bewildering process, as my curiosity is constantly second guessing egos, thoughts, feelings and life journeys.  London is a 24/7 street-soap opera and the city offers a constant daily schedule of intense theatrical human drama. My portraits are simply an attempt to translate with dignity, the synthesis of our flesh and bone survival and existence. 

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